INDRA candles, made out of pure beeswax

              Mystique de l'Inde, call for quality

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Les chandelles Indra

We are specializing in dipping PURE BEESWAX CANDLES. That is the oldest method for crafting candles and yet the best one for perfect combustion results.

Beeswax has been used for thousands of years by humans.  It's a dense material from which a candle will provide a very bright flame and a slow, NON-TOXIC combustion.  Burning beeswax candles is purifying, refreshing, it leaves a smooth and pleasant honey smell in the surrounding.  

Moreover, the demand for beeswax candles is increasing as the people feel more and more concerned about their health and environment while paraffin candles are made from toxic waste of petroleum industry. 

 We also offer the Mystic Amber from India, the home land of the craftsman.


INDRA CANDLES arose in 1994 from Indra's passion  for honeybees, which lead him to transform their precious wax.  Over these 17 years of experience, we got to the perfect combination in order to deliver the highest quality products, offering the BEST PRICES ON THE MARKET!

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