Mystic scented amber from India


Mystic amber from India

A perfume that envigorates and heals the spiritual being.

ORIGIN: This type of Amber is tapped from a rare conifer that's found in the eastern Himalayas in India. 

USE: Can be used as a local perfume on the wrist.  It also purifies the air when left open  or slightly heated as an incense on a charcoal burner.

TRADITION: This resin is known and used for thousands of years.  In India, it's used as a base for most of the  perfumes and incense sticks.

A lump of this precious resin will keep it's perfume forever. In aromatherapy it's renowned for giving calm and re-energizing the body.  Some people find it's a very good aphrodisiac as it relaxes the hypothalamus.

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